The new House of Wisdom inspired
the family of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them.
The new house of wisdom will be artificial intelligence that lives in the
cloud continuation of the great past of the golden age of Islam

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِي


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most merciful 


السَّلاَم  وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ  

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatu 

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you all my dear blessed readers of our website welcome to the about page.🌹🥀🤲🌹🕋♥️🤲🕋♥️🕋🌹🕋 

Welcome To One world One Page

Reviving The Creative spirits of Muslims around the globe by connecting them to the Past with بيت الحكمة‎, Bayt al-Ḥikmah, House of wisdom. inshAllah we hope to among those who open the door of the future by Reviving the Islamic spirit of creativity through the hands of the blessed family of the Prophet Muhammad (عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ), peace be upon him and his family صَلَّىٰ ٱللَّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَآلِهِ وَسَلَّمَ -ʾālihī wa-sallama.

This project was inspired in the United States of America and the capital of startups Silicon Valley, California by  His Eminence Al-Allamah Shaykh as-Sayyid Muhammad al-Yaqoubi is one of the greatest scholars in the world today.

His Eminence was in town and was teaching in the capital city of startups California San Jose, and we have a memento from that event below.

This is the birthplace of One World, One page.

We want to think scared knowledge for hosting this event that was memorable.
A big thank you to the sacred knowledge staff in San Jose.

One World One Page wants to thank
The president of Islamic forum of Canada
Shaykh Faisal Hamid

One World One Page Is ever grateful to the Islamic forum of Canada For creating the forum so that the startup can grow and find guidance to bring change to the world.

Islamic forum of Canada is the elevator that future projects must step into so that they be elevated and become successful and the guidance and continuance guidance shaykh Faisal the president of the Islamic forum of Canada is indispensable.

We want to thank Imam Zaid Shakur for being an inspiration and honoring our hero Mohamed Ali who has shaped One World One page to be an agent of change and to challenge The impossible by connecting to the great Muslims of the past and their beautiful creative spirit.

It’s with honor that we remember Muhammad Ali please watch this  Moving Poem about Muhammad Ali by Zaid Shakir”
on YouTube

Sacred retreats and sacred gatherings always attract students of knowledge, and we are happy to say in this blessed gathering one of the greatest teachers of our time Habib Omar bin Hafiz is a Yemeni Sunni Islamic scholar, teacher,
Our beloved blessed teacher

Habib Omar bin Hafiz supporters and Friends are always ahead of everyone because One World One Page would not exist without the support and care that has been shown by students.

One World One Page wants to give a special thank you to Kenya and Governor Hassan Joho for Welcoming Al-Habib Omar bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafid, a world renowned spiritual leader to Mombasa.

One world One Page Roots back to Kenya because one of the students is from that country and there must be something blessed about Kenya since presidents and many other people keep coming out of that place.

The equation that will alleviate poverty and streamline a new connection between brands and businesses and giving the normal person an opportunity to borrow and meet the unique challenges the world is facing I’ve been inspired by  Dar al-Mustafa Islamic seminary.

Dar al-Mustafa

                                      We would like to thank the illumination of this project that was grounded in education and completed with compassion by Madina institute.

We Believe in the equation that Allah has made to be true those who humble themselves will be raised above everyone. That is the case of Madina institute because they have been true to that statement doing everything to support Islam and solving all the problems that Muslims are facing without looking for any recognition or credit. Fortunately or unfortunately this equation must be true for them until they praise themselves and they are praised by everyone. The Ascension to greatness will not stop on this earth.

The praise will not stop because they’re encounter with One World One Page started many years in San Jose and a gift was received from Sa’id ibn Muhammad ibn Ali al-Ninowy in San Jose. unfortunately, the gift was lost but hopefully, we will get another one.

Giving gifts to people of all faith is what the blessed teachers are known for. He is giving the book of love, and we hope to get our gift, and we hope that he gives many gifts to many people.

“The Book of Love – Shaykh Muhammad Al Ninowy – Spiritual Retreat Session 1” on YouTube

Bless people and blessed places don’t have to do much to inspire blessed information to descend on hearts and illumination to take place this is the case of our beloved teacher Sa’id ibn Muhammad ibn Ali al-Ninowy who has inspired the mathematical equations that redefined what data means for the individual and what does it mean to connect to artificial intelligence. How will all this work and this equation summarizes the problem and the solutions which is a blessing that is yet to be understood, but hopefully everyone will be on the same page why this equation is a game-changer.

Blessed people and their pursuit of excellence of promulgating the message of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and his family who are never be cut off will receive rewards and praises that are not equal to anyone. That is why we understand why those equations and ideas was formulated in his presence and his circles of knowledge which are illuminating through education that leads to compassion.
If One World One page has its way they would ask him to be the board of directors and it would ask him to accept his role for what is distant cannot be averted.

If we were to praise this blessed teacher  Shaykh Muhammad Al Ninowy all the oceans and Earth would run dry and all the stars that are contained in heaven would all be turned into a scandal so he can walk on it.

Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya Ninowy : Message from Karbala”

I say this simply because there’s no one on planet Earth who has connected us to the prophet peace be upon him and his family with emotion and beauty hand in hand so that when people ask who is imam Ali his response truly purifies and magnifies the blessed family and it is with great honor and joy we share this video with you.

Who is imam Ali.

Watch “Who Is Sayyedina Zain Ul Abideen? By Shaykh Ninowy” on YouTube

One word One page  company that will shape virtual reality that will take videos and articles and put them into this new future and generations will come after us and they will access videos and articles and try to connect to the past unfiltered event. So we cannot tell you how important this is because this project will have a great impact just like  Wikipedia did.

The future of virtual reality will be set on solid foundation and it will be connected and collaborated with Medina institute so the future reflects the past in a way that enriches the future.

In summary, there is an equation for every scholar starting with my teacher who originated the program but always has a goal of continuing this creative process for the Muslims and to engage all the problems. So there is much to discuss and this is a project inspired by the prophets family peace be upon them starting with my teacher his Eminence Al-Allamah Shaykh as-Sayyid Muhammad al-Yaqoubi.

It is not an accident that the future for Muslims in the field of technology will come from Shaykh as-Sayyid Muhammad al-Yaqoubi because this is just a repeat for his family especially from his master and father Shaykh Ibrahim Al Yaqoubi

الشيخ إبراهيم اليعقوبي الحسني الإدريسي رحمه الله”

 Watch “on YouTube

“Master’s Garden: Shaykh Ibrahim Al Yaqoubi” on YouTube

It is with a blessing from the master of the garden that his fragrance has allowed us to be enlightened and to understand that this entire project was to be named after the unique School in Sudan Tariqa Al-Samaneya Gharebiya.

 His his eminence  Sayyid 

Shaykh Muhammad Hassan. حفظك الله

سيدي محمد بن حسن محمد الفاتح

The entire weight of this project and all its Glory is Shaykh Muhammad Hassan. حفظك الله for this is the support of the saints and One world One Page is the puzzle stick that is used by Shaykh Muhammad Hassan. حفظك الله.

If we have to summarize what One World One Page is it would be simply getting Muslims on the same page that those people who have mastered the inner and outer teaching of Islam have a pivotal role to play and should be given their space in this religion. For the last hundred years, the Muslims around the globe have suffered devastating waves from the end of the Ottoman Empire to the waves of colonialism and many other problems that have taken place in the last hundred years.

To remedy this those people who have been the foundation of success have been neglected, and they are the teachers of the circles of knowledge The heirs of the prophet peace be upon him.

The spiritual Giants who have guarded this religion and have left there places of worship will be guarded and remembered and their books will be propagated on one world one page. There’s no doubt that Allah guards his friends and all their work especially all the places they are buried. And to have people in the United States especially women who are doing this is just a great miraculous sign that change has arrived.

“Intro: Who Was Shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari” on YouTube

Watch “Imam Ja’far al Sadiq” on YouTube

Watch “Sanad Tarekat Ahmadiah Idrisiah Sayyid Muhammad ibn Alawi al Maliki (Chengkau, 2002)” on YouTube

Watch  “What Is Tariqa – Abdal Hakim Murad” on YouTube


One World One Page has taken the mantle of restoring the circles of knowledge and the teachings of Islam that have stood the test of time. The circles of knowledge and the saints of the past and the future schools will be honored but also will be promulgated and a good example is the commercial below for the Jafari Tarika.

visite now

To summarize we are a startup that will impact virtual reality and technology in general for many years to come. We’re going to set our collaborative effort that will create the new House of wisdom by connecting Muslims to the golden past which is true circles of knowledge. Circles of knowledge which have spiritual Masters who have mastered dinner and outer sciences that has been at the core of success to Muslims in the past week in the future.

If we can get Muslims on the same page in regards to what the golden past was and why it was successful then we believe we’re going to be successful moving forward because we will have people who are taking the hands of teachers who will connect them to the blessed prophet peace be upon him. And the new one has done the Muslims in general a favor and regards to transmitting and protecting the light of knowledge like the family of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and all those rightly guided Muslim scholars and that is really what we are about because we understand the past is connected to the future if we get the past right then the future will be easy to cultivate moving forward.

About us page will be continuously be updated with new information, so please check back 

At different times, inshallah.