The time has come for a new social media that is 100% private, and it only connects, just like when you take a headphone and put it in the headphone jack.


This means everybody’s information is private. The first thing is a gift to the individual is to give them their own server, which comes with their own AI managing everything.


This means their photo, the blog, YouTube, everything is private 100%.


This will be connected to the brand currency system, where I discuss this in terms of how all of this is going to be paid for because it’s very important to make sure that there’s a system that’s paying for all of this, connecting everything and everyone but giving everybody their private space and place so that messages of this never appear.

Anyway what you’re looking at is my Google stor

age thing and it’s the same thing with Apple it’s the same way with Twitter will remove my blue check mark basically this is about the closet let me tell you when I talk about this in the end so keep reading Don’t mind the picture below.Digital Revolution: Empowering Individuals with Free Personal


I want unlimited storage, and I want 100% privacy, and I want to use the power of advertisement to make sure this system is created, so we don’t have to worry about our email, we don’t have to worry about our maps, you don’t have to worry about our videos, this means YouTube will be eliminated, so will Google, so will be Twitter, so will be Facebook, all of them are going to be deleted moving forward.


When we look at social media, there’s a lot of things that I miss. First, you don’t even own your own server. You don’t even own a place to put all your digital stuff; therefore, you’re coming to another platform who takes care of this, who manages this, and who pays the bills. So, if you don’t own your own closet, for example, and you have clothes and you have to go to your neighbor to borrow his closet, and then every morning instead of going to your closet and putting on your clothes, you go and knock on your neighbor and say, “I would like to wear my clothes, please.” That’s what’s happening in social media.


So moving forward, we need to rethink in terms of what it means to have a server dedicated to you that’s private, that’s controlled by your AI that’s loyal to you?


It means individual space that you’re homeless have finally created a closet, and your information is your information. Then you can begin to monetize what you think is necessary, and you could choose how you connect to the world. People should not choose for you or tell you, “You know what? You better pay up because if you don’t, I’m going to take this blue checkmark away from you like a stupid child, and you will not have the chance to upload any videos. You will not have a chance to speak eloquently with all your words; we’re going to limit you back to the character; you’re a stupid child; that’s exactly what’s happened to me this morning with Twitter or this stupid ex-app that’s going to fail anyway.


So we need someone to take artificial intelligence and to take this idea of everything that these people have learned, Google, come, or Facebook, and all the other losers, their IBM, how this service system works but connecting it with special intelligence and making it 100% private, but we need moving forward.


For the first time in a long time, all your data, all your information, all your connection to the world, which is just like your clothes, will be hanging in your closet, and it will be protected by AI, which means everybody is going to have a home, and depending on your reputation and what you do, more people will want to connect to you, correct your text, connect to your teaching, which will make your server bigger, which will make you command more money in terms of advertisement in general that you will choose to put on your server in your own space because we’re moving to a digital world, and we’ll be entering everybody’s home in terms of the digital ground, and that cannot happen unless we own our own servers as individuals, so that when people click on a link, they come into our world.


So please think of the link as the door to the closet; once you open the door, you enter a new world, and that’s what we are entering with special intelligence moving forward.


Obviously, most of these idiots think they can outflank me in this, but I will teach them a very important lesson because they don’t even know what AI is; if they knew what it was, they wouldn’t be failing so miserably trying to charge people a monthly thing, and we build a system that’s connected to everyone and everything moving in all directions in the same timeline.


For example, they would connect politics, they would connect social media, and they would collect the digital moving world, something that they don’t need to know nothing about, which I will explain today.


You see we’re leaving out moving world, especially when I’m moving, and I’m back truck driving like I’m doing things change, space has changed, people around me change, and an emergency can arise. It doesn’t matter if I’m a truck driver trucking traffic, and all of a sudden there is a traffic jam; no one can explain to me, but the people in the front, the fire department, and all of those know what’s going on, but the people who are stuck in the traffic, they don’t know what’s going on. They are frustrated, and no one can give them information.


Some hope you might say, “Oh, you just turn on the radio,” but you have to understand some accidents happen, and some of them happen in places where the signal is very bad. So you’re not going to be connected to anything.


But with the brand currency system created, you’ll be connected to a system, meaning I’m going to create a digital self of you with your AI, and its job is to find out what’s going on along the time. And since everybody’s going to have a private digital identity that can protect itself, you don’t need to know who is who. People have a right to hide their identity, who they are, where they are from, and what they’re doing; it’s nobody’s business to know that privacy is very important; nobody wants to protect it, so I will.


When people are connected to the system, they will be first required to begin transactions, and those transactions will create this 401k that’s gold in terms of being there for them when they run out of money, but that does not mean the transaction is the only thing they can give the system.


For example, there’s a lot of people who can use their car to provide Uber service, or they can work for Amazon part-time; instead of salary, I’m going to be replacing this; all of this work and everything people are doing, the brand currency system feedback or points; you can generate points by working, can generate points by working a part-time job, so that the job is not your primary goal, but the system is.


Once you start to get the system, everything you have in terms of your life from your transactions to your day-to-day work, then you can unlock the 401k and all the power it comes to because it’s connected to politics, it’s connected to your private server with your AI that takes care of your health, protects your privacy, answers all phone calls for you, writes emails for you, attends meetings for you, and even goes out and drives cars


 in the driver’s world so that you can earn an income. Yes, you heard me right; you’re going to have an AI that can go out there and work for you moving forward.


If you don’t believe me, I have already made the digital self-act, and I’m going to include it right here as I begin to move away from exact. I was hoping this place would be my home where I can build everything on because we’re kind of connected, but it’s very clear after they removed my blue checkmark without asking me why I couldn’t pay, I can now move on to build my brand currency system that’s supposed to be what people want, which is connected to everything but is 100% private, makes you powerful, and is there for you when you run out of money; you can get a free hotel. The system is going to be there for you. So let me show you that the digital self-act so that you know what I’m talking about. Once this act is passed, a license will be created for you, so this AI companies will be forced to go through this license; they’re going to get rid of their monthly subscriptions, and they’re going to come through this license because it’s going to be more lucrative and more productive for them in terms of not worrying about whether people can afford or not afford because they’re connected to something bigger. The problem I have with the AI companies and all these technology companies, they can only see the plate that they’re eating from; they don’t see how they’re connected to everything, but I see how everything is connected, and I’m bringing it all together today.


Before I bring it all together let’s remove what I put on the X app and bring it here and I will be doing this that begin to delete everything.


Digital Self Act

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The Digital Self Act of 2023 (Further Revised)

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Understanding the profound implications of our evolving digital identities and their manifestations in both online platforms and robotics, this Act is dedicated to safeguarding individual rights and ensuring a structured and equitable digital future.


**Section I: Definitions**

… [Previous definitions]


  1. **Digital Self Department (DSD)**: A governmental body responsible for the registration, licensing, and regulation of digital selves and their robotic entities.


Section II: Establishment of the Digital Self Department**

  1. **Purpose**: The DSD will oversee the registration, licensing, and consistent regulation of digital selves, ensuring the rights of individuals are upheld in the digital and robotic realms.


  1. Functions:

   – Registration: All digital selves intended for use in public domains or for commercial purposes must be registered with the DSD.


   – Licensing: Before any digital self or robotic entity can be operational in commercial or public spheres, they must be licensed by the DSD.


   – Monitoring and Compliance**: The DSD will ensure that all registered and licensed entities comply with the standards and regulations set forth in this Act.


   – Public Awareness: The DSD will run public awareness campaigns to educate individuals about their rights and responsibilities under this Act.


   – **Conflict Resolution**: The DSD will provide a platform for resolving disputes related to the misuse or misrepresentation of digital selves.


**Section III: Licensing and Registration**

  1. **Application Process**: Individuals or entities wishing to register and license a digital self or robotic entity must submit an application to the DSD, detailing the purpose, platform, and any commercial intentions.


  1. **Rights Verification**: The DSD will verify that the individual whose digital self is being registered has given explicit consent and is aware of their rights and responsibilities.


  1. **License Renewal**: Licenses issued by the DSD will have an expiration date and must be renewed periodically, ensuring continued compliance with evolving regulations.


… [Remaining sections updated accordingly]


The establishment of the Digital Self Department (DSD) provides a clear and centralized system to manage the complexities of the digital self realm. It ensures that as individuals venture into this new frontier, their rights, and representations are monitored and protected.


This is digital act is connected to advertisement which has also been redesigned in terms of how it works and what you should expect in the world of virtual reality mixed reality everything is connected. But everything is private what belongs to you belongs to you No one can ever tell you you violated some kind of rules and their forcing you to delete something that’s because you went into their server did not use this terminology that I’m telling you which is to stick this data of viewers from your server to their server where people are connecting but they never realized that  someone was going to come along and connect everything. Anyway advertisement itself is being redesigned and I’ve already explained it on the ex app but since I’m no longer there I would add it here as well.


In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


“Redesigning Advertisement from the Ground Up


Advertisement, reimagined. Please pay attention; this is how advertisement will work for the foreseeable future.



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Before you introduce any concept, if you’re a creative person, you want to find something solid so people can grasp it psychologically, and they can understand. This system can work without the help of artificial intelligence. If the internet breaks down, it doesn’t really matter. This system is set up old-school style, and it’s going to work. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for this system to be set up, but just know that I have set this system up, and this is how advertisement is going to work moving forward. Nobody’s going to question it. Anybody who dares to challenge me, I will wake up the next morning, and I will destroy the entire industry they are depending on.


So, advertisement is going to be a Rolodex. I’ve included a Rolodex video so you’re not lost; you understand what a Rolodex is.


Every page of the Rolodex will have your national ID card in terms of everything that you do: travel, business, transactions, banking, anything that has to do with you. You have the opportunity to take it offline and not connected to the internet. Basically, if you want to live in the Stone Age, you’re more than welcome. Be one of those survivors who never connect to the internet, cooks his own food, does not want to be monitored. You can go back to the barter system where you exchange goods for goods. That’s what I am definitely recommending people to do. It’s the first option I give you. You’re not required to be connected to the system, and you can be a rebel just like I am. That’s how I’m starting all of this. With that said, let’s get started.


From an individual perspective, the transaction you’re engaging in might not be that meaningful. Maybe you bought some milk, like I did today—Shamrock. You added it to your coffee. Maybe you bought some breakfast from Denny’s, and certain eggs were utilized to cook your breakfast. You paid and you left. All of that stuff doesn’t mean anything to you.


But in the near future, before you eat something, this Rolodex card will be presented to you. You’ll see in a secure blockchain where these eggs came from, whether the animals were abused or not. The milk will be the same. You’ll get a holiday card that will show you where it’s from, who produced it, to see if there’s any complaint in the factory line, if there’s a flaw in the coffee, or if somebody was abused or threatened, where people were fired. Basically, this card will decide which business will be successful and which will be destroyed.


Nobody in their right mind will do business with any country that’s killing people, destroying democracy, and that’s the whole goal of this entire system. I don’t like keeping secrets. You should know if I’m weaponizing something, and guess what, that is exactly what I’m doing. I’m weaponizing this Rolodex to the moon, as they like to say.


Now, we’re talking about virtual reality, mixed reality—all that stuff is a reality. So, we do have some time before we get to that point that I’m talking about. But as you know me, I like to go deep into the future and then trace my way back.


So, every transaction you engage in is very meaningful, and it’s connected to data points all over the place that you don’t see or don’t understand, but it does create certain value. For example, that milk that I talked about, let’s say you drink it, it’s nasty, and then you scan it, and it goes into the system, and the production line gets updates. So, you know what, this milk is nasty, and you can go ahead and do quality control.


The same thing goes when there’s meat contaminated, just like the Jack in the Box incident. Most of you don’t know, so let me play that incredible video for you, so you understand. [Here you can insert a video link]


Watch “Jack in the Box Causes E. Coli Outbreak in Washington State (1993)” on YouTube…


To put it lightly, the stuff that you consider insignificant can break or make the supply chain in terms of our food, controlling outbreaks. You might just be a regular person, but the feedback that you can give to the system could be the difference between life and death for millions of Americans. Here’s an example tracing outbreaks from The New York Times.

Watch “Chasing Outbreaks: How Safe Is Our Food? | Retro Report | The New York Times” on YouTube…

So, now that you understand these connections, never think of your transactions as being meaningless when you’re eating something or drinking something, especially when I create my software. You are going to be utilizing it to monitor and spy on yourself in terms of cataloging all the brands that you like. Basically, you’re going to be snitching on yourself. It’s really good to be honest.


with people, instead of telling them some lies. You’re going to be cataloging all the products that you like, and you’re going to be targeted with advertisements that you like. For example, “I’m a truck driver, and I really love this Banana Boat sunscreen. I wish I could give them feedback. Also, in my spare time, I could go around telling other truck drivers, ‘This will protect you from sunlight.’ Okay, I have my own advertisement code attached to this, so make sure you buy through my code.”


So, this is affiliate marketing 101, basically. But you’re going to get this code. It’s going to be in your Self-Digital ACT. If you don’t know what that is, you’ll never understand what I’m trying to do because it’s all connected.


The Self-Digital ACT is connected to a digital twin, which is your AI or your robot that will be working for you full-time. As you begin to take a vacation, you’re going to let immigrants come into the country and babysit your AI because you’re going to be taking too many vacations. You’re going to have too many vacation plans as an American.


So, advertisement is being redesigned from the ground up. It’s being redesigned offline and online. The Federal Reserve is going to be in charge, and the Federal Reserve is going to own every single register in the United States. This is going to be non-negotiable. We have to trace all transactions. Now, if you’re worried about the Fed and the government, especially the IRS being connected to this, this is a very good concern.


If I am in charge of this program, I’m going to make sure the IRS goes back to pen and paper. I’m also going to overwhelm them with so many cases that by the time they try to figure out what you did wrong, you will create your own settlement and say, “You know what? I would like to get forgiveness and settlement on this transaction,” and I want to get it approved before even the IRS knows what’s going on.


Now, this is not going to be allowed for billionaires. Okay, we’re talking about people who are in the brand currency system and they’re just trying to survive. You want something to eat, something to drink, something to pay your car, something to pay your insurance, something to pay your mortgage. Something to pay your yacht. Basically, you know, regular folks, those who make $20 million or less or more. Who knows? I guess we’ll just have to figure out what it means to be poor in this new system where transactions generate wealth.


You should never put a limit on how much people actually earn before they get taxed. People should live comfortable lives. So, I’m not the dictator here. We’re going to talk to businesses, we’re going to talk to people who will tell us, “You know what? $10 million, $40 million is not good enough anymore where we are so poor. LOL.” So, I guess we’ll have to have a discussion over this. I’m not a dictator.


So, advertisement is being redone. Everybody is going to have their own data. Now, I’m going to change the subscription button to a connection button. I tried to do this on Twitter; they didn’t listen. But Google is on its knees right now, begging me. So, I’m going to give them this gift.


The gift is changing the subscription system to a connection system. I’m going to take this Rolodex thing, and I’m going to take your national ID for advertisement, and I’m going to make people do that brand currency thing that I told you on Google Photos so we can redo this. But we will be redoing this for the Federal Reserve. So, I’m just throwing you a lifeline here. If you’re willing to listen and if you have learned your lesson that you cannot outmaneuver me, then come crawling to your daddy.


For the rest of the people, just understand the brand currency system is just a system that rewards you for engaging in a transaction. And those transactions automatically take those coupons that they have, you know, when you’re buying stuff, buy one, get one. Instead of using it right away, it’s going to put it into a 401k that is going to be utilized by you when you don’t have money. You go to Denny’s, guess what? You have a lot of coupons. You don’t have to pay anything. You had a gas, guess what? Your past transactions are going to come and rescue you. Do you want to put gas just because you have money? It does not mean you’re going to lose your dignity.


The same goes if you want to go on vacation or book a flight. You’re going to look for these brand currency points, and you’re going to say, “You know what? I’m not buying anything until I charge up my 401k. I’m always running out of money, and I want something to use when I don’t have money. If I need to book a flight, if I want to get a rental and go on vacation, money should not be the only thing that is a deciding factor.” So, I’m going to look at my transactions very carefully and go with businesses who will go with this brand currency system because I’m going to look out for number one.


So, customers all over the world will be on board because they want to make sure that when they run out of money, they have something to use. And this is where the US Money Plan comes in. We’re going to be extending your credit. How do you like me now?


I told you it was all connected, all these coupons, all of this. It’s just a matter of the Feds having tools to increase liquidity and make changes, just like they’ve been doing in the stock market. But now, they’re coming into our daily lives, making sure that those coupon points are working at your restaurant, or that gas station is going to give you gas just because you don’t have money. It does not mean the FED will abandon you, especially if you embrace this brand currency system that we’re building. I promise, the future FED Chairman that when you run out of money, you’re going to have those brand currency coupon points to support you. End of story.


With that, I think I’ve done a great job in redesigning advertisement from the ground up. And just to review, I started off with people who don’t want to be connected to this, who don’t want to be monitored, who don’t want anything to do with this. I told them, ‘Go back to the forest, start learning how to make your own fire, and live like the Hunter.’ That plan is available, and actually, we’ll be selling it on my website. You don’t need to take a plane or a car; you can walk everywhere.


With that said, we’re not going to depend on artificial intelligence. The FED is going to have this Rolodex that never fails. It doesn’t matter what artificial intelligence says; it can


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In closing, as we embark on this journey to redesign advertisement and embrace the brand currency system, let us remember the wisdom found in the Quran, which teaches us the value of fairness, honesty, and community. In Surah Al-Baqarah (2:188), it is written: “And do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly or send it [in bribery] to the rulers in order [that they might aid] [in obtaining] ˹some ˺ part of the wealth of the people in sin, while you know [it is unlawful].”

We are not merely creating a new system; we are shaping a future where transparency, accountability, and prosperity walk hand in hand. This endeavor aligns with the teachings of the Hadith, where our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reminded us that “The best of people are those who are most beneficial to others.”


Let us strive to be among the best of people, creating a system that benefits all, regardless of their economic status. As we move forward, may our efforts be guided by justice and compassion, and may this redesigned advertisement system truly make the world a better place for everyone.


In the spirit of unity and progress, we embark on this transformative journey, placing our trust in the path ahead.


So now everything is connected the politics is connected to advertisement is connected your privacy is guaranteed and all this digital companies you want to be successful after come through this  DDS Lost that I’ve created the blessing of the family of the best prophet Muhammad please be upon them


My dear respected beloved blessed family of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon you peace be our Master Muhammad عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ messenger of Allah ❤️❤️❤️

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I am initiating the brand currency program which is connected to everything it’s an entire system it’s going to get rid of people working just for money but they will work to make data work for them it will work to have a leverage so that if they run out of money they have something money is not going to be the only thing that matters moving forward in the same goes for politics the report cards is being initiated and everything is going to happen as I have explained in the videos below. So I’m initiating both programs The brand  currency program let’s go to transform the world moving forward. Everybody should have a home on the internet They should own everything and know what should increase the price on them or undermine their security of privacy we deserve to have a homeland internet as human beings and I’m building it moving forward All this tech companies are going to be destroyed. I leave you with my video


Watch “brand currency and changing advertisement shutting down TV let there be peace on earth” on YouTube