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Dr. Eric Berg DC

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Let me tell you a bit about myself and my history.




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graduating from chiropractic school, most people call me Dr. Berg—officially, Dr. Eric Berg, DC, or just The Knowledge Doc.


My main passion has been and continues to be teaching people about health-related topics, including Healthy Keto® and intermittent fasting as a basic long-term eating plan.


I love dissecting complex health problems, breaking them down so they are easy to understand, and connecting symptoms to a real cause.


I also wrote the Amazon Best Seller, The Healthy Keto Plan.


In my 30 years of practice in Alexandria, Virginia, I had the opportunity to personally work with over 40,000 people using natural methods, nutrition, and the healthy version of the ketogenic diet (Healthy Keto®).


My clients have included senior officials in the U.S. Government, medical doctors, actors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, professors, engineers, as well as nurses, stay-at-home moms, and high school students.


People from all walks of life and from all over the world visited me. I also devotedly did my in-house seminars several times a week, including external seminars in Governmental agencies, including the Library of Congress, Federal Communication Commission, National Institute of Science, FBI, and many others.


Logos for the library of congress, US federal communications commission, NIS, and US department of justice FBI


In addition to my practice, I created monthly training seminars for doctors in which I delivered my techniques to over 2,500 doctors and healthcare practitioners.


My passion for teaching shifted to YouTube in 2008. Over the next 14 years, I compiled over 6,000 videos on just about every health topic that you could imagine. Yes, it’s up at 4 am studying and recording videos all day for many years.


I am proud to say my YouTube channel, including different languages, finally totaled 18 million subscribers and regularly achieves 100 million views per month.


I really want to put people into the driver’s seat of creating health.


Most of my time is behind a computer screen or deep in medical textbooks and research papers—and unfortunately now I need glasses, one problem I have not solved…yet.


I am constantly searching for underlying reasons why people get diseases—it’s become a hobby. So, it’s either doing videos or creating courses. I even created a course on keto and intermittent fasting to train Keto Coaches worldwide.


In 2017 and 2018, I hosted my annual Keto Health Summit at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor Maryland, where 1,000 people flew in from all over the world to attend and soak up a wealth of keto knowledge. That was a blast!


My recent area of interest is on the farm. Actually, it’s in the soil. I live on a farm and am conducting research on how to grow nutrient-dense food and nutrient-dense animals—and it all starts IN the soil.


To learn more about me and my personal health journey, go here.


Educational background and professional licensure

I completed my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1988 at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and am a board-certified chiropractor in three states (Virginia, California, and Louisiana).


In my earlier years, I completed 2 years of undergraduate pre-med studies at the University of Wisconsin Parkside, as well as training as an X-ray technician through St. Phillips College in Texas.



Please go to his website to read more about his biography The man is incredible his ethics is impeccable and his knowledge is pristine.



I have listened and watched all his videos and I’m looking forward to visiting him in Virginia as soon as possible. As we enter the virtual reworld mixed reality world they will be different levels of doctors but I can tell you no one is ever going to reach Dr Berg because he has left a great legacy of not charging people giving people incredible knowledge and the millions of people have started to eat right they have started to understand how their body works.


Professional truck driver I was desperate for health information and I remember I was running to the bathroom every so often I couldn’t drive life was hell until I came across his video he explained that I was diabetic and I would be in the keto diet and I should understand what The pancreas does in terms of producing insulin he taught me I was insulin resistance I actually want to add this picture as a testimony of one of his patients I would say If you have this your insulin resistant.



I have a picture of skin tags If you have any skin tag you’re totally insulin resistant. It doesn’t matter where you are You have to know this I’m putting a picture of a woman I found on the internet. I apologize but it is what it is.


Watch “What Is Insulin Resistance? – Dr. Berg” on YouTube


Watch “7 Things That Boost Insulin Sensitivity or Reverse Insulin Resistance – Dr. Berg” on YouTube



Now that you have completed your insulin resistant course it’s time for you to watch a movie and it has to do with fat You have to eat healthy fat especially if you want to be healthy I will be giving you a video that has to do with keto diet and that will come after this documentary because it’s very important documentary that you need to watch..




Watch “Fat Fiction – Full Movie – Free” on YouTube



I forget about those documentary people they’re just information now you have to learn how to start correctly eating and this is the first video I’m giving you.



Watch “What is Ketogenic Diet?” on YouTube


Watch “How to Start the Ketogenic Diet Correctly?” on YouTube




Watcch “What Happens If You Stop Eating Sugar for 14 Days – Dr. Berg On Quitting Sugar Cravings” on YouTube



He also has his show to show you how to cook alternative foods to replace sweets.


Watch “Keto Sweeteners and Sugar Alternative as Explained by Dr. Berg & Karen” on YouTube




It’s very important it’s a subscribe to his YouTube channel also you also has like live events where you can ask questions it’s very important if the surprise button you also hit the notification but.


Just click on the link below and it will take you there.

Watch “Dr. Eric Berg DC” on YouTube




Is visit the shop for all your incredible health things and what I do like about Dr Burke he makes his own stuff he doesn’t import anything so you’re getting the real thing.




Doesn’t matter what you’re suffering from probably Dr Berg has some kind of medicine that can help you So check out his shop and buy with confidence.




The FDA is not welcome on this website This is an Islamic website and I’m the super user so I pretty much get to do whatever I want as long as the best family doesn’t get in my way Dr Burke pretty much see whatever he wants once we build the server will create a page for every country and will translate all these videos also will ship his products all over the world end of story.


Also you should know that YouTube has censored him so we will build our own YouTube as well where there’s no censorship. I’m also going to create a detailed customer line and also add artificial intelligence to his page so that he can get positive reviews and we can all benefit for example make sure you go to this page it tells you a lot of a meeting amazing stories.



Watch “How To Remove Skin Tags And Warts Overnight” on YouTube







Anyway I left you the link to the stories check them out.




Now I will upload my own testimony and video we’re building a home for every human but I’m starting with Muslims first cuz they’re homeless also I will be covering Dr Bergen many other things as we begin change on the planet in terms of everybody having their space and place I think everybody’s homeless on the internet You don’t have a really good place where good things are put together and that’s exactly what I’m doing with this video I give you a breakdown.


Watch “Dr Berg welcome to one world one page” on YouTube




Here’s the video that I told you about the therapy


Watch “Khalil Center: An Inside Look” on YouTube







Obviously this therapy place has a mothership with all of this is from and I will introduce you with the video that I found to be very important from the Islamic psychology

Watch “Introduction: Developing a Model of Islamic Psychology & Psychotherapy” on YouTube


So you can find the author of this book It works at Muslim Cambridge college here’s the website



Watch “An Islamic Model of the Soul” on YouTube



Watch “The Holistic Approach to Healing in the Islamic Tradition” on YouTube

His information about this psychology Muslim scholars who do a good job he has their website









I’m going to end with the following message if you’re poor and you don’t have internet connection All you need to know is just find the people of the tarika I’m working on a certification list those who are organic so you don’t get taken advantage of as you know you can never trust humans in terms of what they say because they have a choice to say what is right and what is wrong they’re capable of evil and good and as long as they have this capability they have to be authenticated that they have going through the purification stages and you can find your teacher who can pretty much teach you all of this.


As we move to a world of division intelligence where AI will just represent everything and everyone we need to remember human beings are the most important part of the equation not the videos not the information is creating relationship with human being to have been trained to do what needs to be done to help you to get you where you need to go.


Obviously this website has contains everything you need about the tarikas the teachers and everything in between we’re just getting started I will continue my investigation and find people like Dr Berg and slowly begin to add them but they have to actually prove themselves on YouTube and they have to earn it and also they have to get the permission of Dr Berg so don’t mess with that guy If you do your stuff will never appear on one world one page simply because he’s a professional it does his job he helps people and it doesn’t cause problems.


It comes to religion when will one page is very neutral in terms of when it comes to just getting people who don’t mess around with marriage and just have a clean image and do their job and don’t cause problems and Dr burgers just one of those people it’s just perfect and whatever is religion is it doesn’t matter What matters is he helps people and he has helped the most people on the planet.


Anyway I look forward to visiting him as well and I will definitely give you a follow-up video on his pages we begin to develop this for every country.



Thank you for reading May God bless you all.


And don’t forget to visit Dr Berg’s website


And yes he also he has a video how he shows you have to cook properly

Watch “Keto Recipes | Karen and Eric Berg” on YouTube





Thank you for reading May God grant you a long healthy life. It’s all about living a long healthy life You only get to live once before you move to a world that is permanent where you will either be rewarded for your good you’ve done or punished for the evil you’ve done So do as much good as you can and you can do any good if you’re not healthy You’re not good to yourself You’re not good to your family What good are you If you can’t take care of yourself learn how to eat properly and seek help if you have mental problems and leave a long happy health life thank you for reading May God bless everyone on the planet.