In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Islam and the USA started a new page



The religion is Islam has been in the United States and has contributed greatly and it has been whitewashed so we have to reintroduce the contribution of Muslims and we have to begin a new page in terms of representing Islam in the United States because Islam has never had a fair handshake or introduction to the United States of America and I only say that if you go and take a survey majority of Americans do not have a favorite or a delightful or joyful representation of Islam.



They don’t see islamas being part of the history of the United States and they don’t see Muslims as contributing anything but that is not the case So at one world one page we are starting this relationship we have with the United States starting today.





We first start off with the video that explains the contribution of Muslims who fought in the civil War so United States can be free and how Islam has been part of the United States since the inception of this country. With this video I’m about introduce it will.



Which tells you Islam has been part of the United States from the first colonial settlers.





Watch “African Muslims in Early America” on YouTube








So we’re looking forward to building a museum that celebrates Muslims and their contributions because if you don’t celebrate yourself no one will One thing America is good at is that erasing people from the history pages just the American Indian and what happened to them in terms of the lands they were given and the treaties that was broken So history has to be rewritten and Muslims have to be honored. I will start with the civil War captain





Moses Osmon


A captain of the civil War was a Muslim it’s very unfortunate that this history is not being celebrated oh we welcomed but everything else is being welcomed in celebrated So I was Muslims we have a duty to celebrate ourselves to build a museum and one world one page is determined to build this museum which is simply going to be doing the following

And the museum just is going to just celebrate the story of Muslims who use their faith to build communities and resist and insulavement in pursue their freedom.


So a museum has to be built and the story of Muslims has to be returned and nobody has challenged America like Omar


Watch “How the autobiography of a Muslim slave is challenging an American narrative” on YouTube





The good news is that America has started to celebrate but not in an Islamic way as a Muslim it’s my responsibility to find an Islamic way of celebrating which is not just to build the museum but also to build a ship so that people can travel to the town where Omar was kidnapped.

A CbS Sunday does a good job but everything I think is not Islamic he was a Muslim scholar for God’s sake

Watch “The opera “Omar,” on a Muslim slave in America” on YouTube




Would like a restart Muslims have never got enough fair handshake in terms of being welcomed the history being honored and only Muslims can do it and I’m going to build a ship and I’m going to create plays and I’m going to close it with what I envision some kind of museum built by Muslims honoring the best family as well and bring it all together I will conclude with this video so that you understand what I’m trying to do..


Watch “Tour The Boston Tea Party: Revolutionary War Boston” on YouTube





I will conclude with a message to the vice president We all come from different places and we all trace back our lineages and historical routes to places that is unknown but that does not need to be unknown destination where the bus never stops and people never get a chance to get off and create their own history and be part of the United States.


I want to build a ship a museum where Muslims can see themselves in the mirror and understand their part of this country and they have been part of it since the beginning.


Look forward to starting a new page for Muslims and the White House moving forward. Thank you for reading May God bless America and may be God bless everyone including Muslims Americans who will be starting on a new page They will have their own museum their own place and their own Way to honor their history that everybody is refusing to acknowledge.




waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  all thank you for reading my open letter my blessed family and

To everyone around the world

May there  peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you  all People of planet Earth.