Surveillance nightmare in China will happen in the United States. We need to check some balances.


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In a world where surveillance technology looms large, where the very essence of privacy and individuality teeters on the precipice of erasure, a profound question arises: How do we safeguard the sanctity of our identities, shielded from the prying eyes of an omnipresent artificial intelligence? As the specter of a surveillance nightmare that once haunted distant shores threatens to encroach upon our own, it becomes imperative to raise our voices in defense of a future where autonomy and liberty endure. The very fabric of our society, woven from the threads of privacy and accountability, hangs in the balance, demanding that we craft a new narrative—one that champions checks and balances, reimagines the essence of identity, and champions the cause of an AI that serves as a sentinel, not an oppressor unless we start destroying things No identities are being held hostage and it will be used against us.



For example, you didn’t new identities, and we need the Department of Motor Vehicle and License to be destroyed.


Cuz we begin to create AI that knows people intimately in terms of the clothes that they wear to the point where the AI knows the heartbeat and the temperature of a person. It’s going to be intimate and the AI will be everywhere, and the day I will know everyone what they’re doing at all times. This change the trajectory of privacy of identification moving forward it’s not being considered but I’m tabling it for tonight.


So what this identity means now If AI is going to be so intimate and eventually it will take over the cameras what is stopping law enforcement from abusing it You have seen what the NSA have done tells the reading or emails intercepting our phone call secretly the good news is that their eyes going to be smart enough to know that our privacy is being violent The problem is not AI it’s always humans ask any humans Do you want AI to spy on you or do you want a human to spy on you The answer will always be AI simply because AI is not human.


I remember when I in the United States when 9/11 happened and they started arresting to you because they got suspicious calls and I remember reading about AT&T if you want to get text messages or phone call records you have to go through a lot of process then I found out Google voice was introduced I immediately reported my number and made Google voice my default so I can access all my messages I don’t need to ask anybody If anybody accuses me of setting any text messages or getting any other calls I say I have my own record what record do you have They can go and make up something.


It’s the same mentality today as we look at artificial intelligence and we look at privacy in general We see this need to create a different identity for humanity and this is in the y equation that I have mentioned separating humans and machines but a new identity has to be forged.


The question is can we envision this system working without all the identities and I wanted to do a demonstration of this hypothetically so stand by as I give you a demonstration of the system working in a real police chase scenario.


Just imagine somebody steal something and the AI is there you know obviously the person runs away but unfortunately the cops see him still or whatever somebody calls it in and they start chasing The light setting on and then all of a sudden the AI comes on board and tells the police officers stand down I’m taking over You can stop chasing the suspect.


The suspect gets a green light and it’s dashboard his AI starts talking to the enforcement AI and it tells his AI that the police has been told to stop following him so he can reduce speed and act like normal.


So AI that is tailored to the human speaks to the criminal and tells him hey I’m speaking to hey I in charge of crime and it’s decided to take over and tell police to shut down and stop following you so you can reduce your speed please and just ask normal once we comply the way I will tell us what to do next.


Human obviously complies because if he doesn’t then the cops will be told to go ahead and chase this person So he complies right away start driving normal relaxes nobody’s going to die thank God


The super AI requests explanation from the lower AI that’s assigned to the human and he asks why did he steal? The smaller AI does dedicated to human says he wanted to fill the thrill of doing hairy theft it’s on his bucket list and then the super AI will ask the small AI is the human injured and say no okay congratulations for knocking your back at least if I’ll reward you with a nice hotel Just go out there and chill and you want to pay for that I’ll send you a receipt.


The story that I’ve given you is the AI being judge Judy and executioner that’s something that’s very beautiful right there


The thing oh the point that I’m trying to make is that we’re never going to know why people do what they do and humans are not going to know but the AI is probably going to know on humans I’m not going to explain what they’re doing sometimes they’re going to be doing bad things Are they going to tell the AI about it and I’m definitely going to make an AI that can keep secrets that can ride or die with a humans so my eye is going to be superior to all AI’s because I have vision of how the future will unfold.


Trust is everything I’m telling you this stories to demonstrate And what it takes to imagine how privacy will be protected One AI has to be cleared to be 100% loyal to the human and to do whatever the human tells it and to keep human being to leave as long as possible a life full of happiness and peace and above everything tranquility I guess we have to rewrite robotic laws.


So when I look at China on the nightmare that’s going down there where the AI can recognize people and it can take people’s names and identify them and if they Jake walk It goes into the account and takes money penalizing them it’s judge Judy and excretionary it’s the power within coming system that doesn’t care about any kind of freedom.


Something I will not tolerate as an American who’s free I will design this future before it arrives two eyes have to be made One AI belongs to humans it never betrays them no matter what The other AI is independent is going to be in constitutional law and its job is just to help humans protect human from each other cuz they are all always Harmony one another because they haven’t gone through the purification system in Islam called tazkia which is a process of purification the human being who




knows they’ll be held accountable and judgment Day everything they say and do as choices on those choices could pretty much make them end up in hell or heaven makes second constraints within humans those who choose to understand their destiny and prove to everyone that neither will they kill or still or hurt anyone And for Muslim that’s the case especially those who are going through this process


We have millions of people including Muslims other people who will not go through the purification and they will follow their own fantasy of what’s right what’s wrong and do whatever they want and harm others but even though they will be doing this you’re still human they still have rights but at the end of the day people have a opportunity to create a track record of being safe and being beautiful.


The truck cricket will really decide what kind of access they have in the future and it’s really not that complicated to understand this because rich people will weaponize this and some people will make mistakes early in life and they might be kicked off certain positions or opportunities will close and we have seen what has happened to black people in prison What makes you think this AI system will not be in just? I always remember working for this billionaire and thinking about the opportunities I had in walking around his house and so forth and I keep remembering when he was setting up his security system and wondering in the future if anybody just drives by to see something because they’re broke or because they are from a low-class society they get red flag does they walk through all the cameras are watching them so it’s a new form of racism a new form of surveillance.


The challenges are enormous what’s ahead of us anyway I call for a new identification I called for the DMV to be destroyed I called for driving license to be abolished I call for all record to be scrapped on to be given to communities who write the names down and then they have to go and look a safe when they unlock the safe You have to find the name and the number and then it should take a day or so to confirm somebody’s identity.


Basically I’m trying to introduce some kind of checks and balances into the system there’s no way law enforcement or the president or anybody else can just tell AI find me so and so and do you intercept a signal you intercept surveillance and ride overnight you are on their phone watching them do what they do unacceptable You have zero privacy.


So I think I have seen this from the NSA myself in terms of watching my phone This people don’t believe in any privacy They want to invade your privacy they want to be in your phone they want to collect everything they don’t give a crap about the law or the Constitution or anything that’s right and that’s just how things are I’ve experienced this on a personal level violation of privacy at the highest point and you know who are there violating his privacy of person who’s posting all his stuff in public anyway So what does that tell you about the United States government?


Tells you like the most transparent citizen they have who posted everything in public all it thoughts and ideas will still subjective to surveillance at the highest level What are you think they’re going to do when they have AI and their developing it now You think there’s going to be some kind of privacy for people who are transparent and honest if people like me can’t even get away from surveillance What do you think is going to happen to other people in bad people like Trump become president and there is ways to massage the system and do all kind of weird stuff?


Because I’m protecting our privacy for all Americans for many years to come that’s what’s happening That’s what you’re reading I’m destroying your system from being connected and intelligence approach to be built right beneath our noses without being challenged so long as we’re free in this country and we can speak without fear than the fearless will lead us to a brighter and safer future that’s exactly what I’m doing.




In closing, as the journey through these words unfolds, it’s evident that the path to preserving our cherished freedoms and individuality is fraught with both challenge and opportunity. The narrative of a world ensnared in the web of constant surveillance need not be our fate. Through the cultivation of innovative solutions, the reimagining of our very identities, and the unwavering commitment to a future where trust and accountability reign supreme, we can step into the light of a brighter, safer tomorrow. Let us be the architects of a world where technology empowers rather than enslaves, where our secrets remain our own, and where the relentless march of progress never tramples the rights we hold dear. Together, we can navigate the intricate labyrinth of AI and emerge on the side of freedom, privacy, and a brighter, more beautiful future.