In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


The Digital Dollar.


Today, the Greenback, the United States dollar currency, is, much like any other currency, printed by the Fed and transferred via wires to settle transactions. It remains one of the most trusted and resilient currencies worldwide.


Today, however, the currency is poised for a transformation, a plan to digitize the dollar and lay it on the table.


The Digital Dollar serves as a bridge, a connection to the physical dollar. This means that transactions will now unfold in the digital realm, while we preserve the traditional dollar, an emblem of trust that we aim to safeguard for all time.


The question arises: What precisely is this Digital Dollar I speak of, and how does it intertwine with the tangible dollar?


This pertains to a system that assigns value to specific transactional engagements. The Digital Dollar will harness the power of the CRM, offering similar services, all while being linked to the physical dollar, much like how CRM systems function.


The CRM, for those unfamiliar, stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it performs the following tasks:

– Targets ads to individuals who have previously engaged with your business, such as website visitors or email subscribers.


We shall adapt this to target the actual dollar. A system shall be devised to infuse more value into the Greenback.


Once your Digital Dollar is interconnected with a physical dollar, several developments shall ensue:

– Tracking the efficacy of your Digital Dollar as a brand currency by measuring the allocation of Digital Dollars to your account, thus augmenting your credit in the brand currency system, connected to coupons, corporations, and ultimately, the blockchain.


Numerous advantages come with this connection to the Digital Dollar.


For instance, you can:

– Tailor your transactions to specific segments, with automatic application throughout the system, alleviating concerns about product selection to increase your brand currency’s Digital Dollar account.


All of this shall be streamlined through an app, with recommendations based on supply and demand. The source code shall be overseen by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury, serving as a mechanism to control inflation and manage supply chain fluctuations automatically.


Undoubtedly, realizing this vision necessitates dedicated teams. The tertiary department and the Federal Reserve must come together to support this new Digital Dollar system. It is essential to reiterate that the Digital Dollar’s purpose is to bolster the physical dollar. The trusted Greenback shall forever stand unaltered and accepted.


Once the Digital Dollar is launched, it will naturally compile transactions and commence data generation, tracing the supply chain from production to the supermarket shelf. Additionally, data from regular customers will be integrated into the system, empowering the creation of a more precise and efficient toolkit, manageable by the Fed. This toolkit will empower the economy through novel, as-yet-undefined measures, as intelligence becomes an integral part of the system.


In the journey ahead, my role shall be that of overseeing and managing the Digital Dollar, generating vital reports—a cornerstone of this groundbreaking system.



The most valuable aspect of the Digital Dollar lies in its role in exports and imports, as well as settling accounts for ourselves and our global partners. Much like the dollar is utilized today, the Digital Dollar is destined to be much more than a mere transactional tool. This begs the question: What was the point of using the dollar solely for transaction settlements? The Digital Dollar introduces an entire system that generates reports for artificial intelligence and assesses the value of assets in a comprehensive manner.


Before the means of production even begin, reports will be generated, and the supply chain will be meticulously tracked. Resources supporting specific supply chains will remain uninterrupted. As we move towards the future, we require a system that manages supply and demand seamlessly, eliminating disruptions, especially in an era where the Internet of Things and robots play pivotal roles in synchronizing and optimizing the entire system.


Allow me to illustrate with a demonstration. Imagine an interface designed for human interaction in a virtual reality setting, where information is not accessed through traditional browsers but is instead presented in a dynamic, floating manner, generating real-time reports. For instance, consider Texas experiencing a recent blackout due to a power company cutting corners. In this new world, customers would have real-time information about that specific plant’s operation. They could monitor how the electric company manages its power, assess whether it’s overwhelmed or prone to future issues. This empowers consumers with the right to information, a level of transparency our current system lacks.


Think of data floating, providing intricate details about how something functions, all connected to the Internet of Things. But there’s a separation between the human interface and the Internet of Things.


The Internet of Things, a pivotal component in this equation, encompasses all non-living entities worldwide. It involves deploying sensors everywhere, from the depths of the ocean to factory floors, with the aim of automating everything. Automation requires connectivity, and this global deployment hinges on the Internet.


To set this grand vision into motion, we’ll initiate the brand currency system and the Digital Dollar, supported by blockchain and backed by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve. Notably, the IRS will not participate in this program. While it’s crucial for tax collection, it has the potential to be weaponized and must be excluded. Individuals who disagree with this stance are free not to join the program. In fact, I believe the IRS should continue using pen and paper rather than engaging in excessive computer surveillance or burdening businesses and individuals with taxes.


The CRM system has empowered us to launch campaigns, index and track data, and generate meaningful value-based information to steer our progress. This is why Google deserves the opportunity to focus on its cloud business and retire from the CRM business. They’ve pioneered a system that the Digital Dollar will emulate and eventually be taken over by artificial intelligence. At its core, this system assigns value to information, whether it’s determining how much content creators should earn from YouTube videos or valuing digital assets. Their policies, initially designed for advertising and business, can be harnessed by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve to propel us into the future. That, indeed, is my mission.


I hope you understand that the Digital Dollar is essentially a twin of the Greenback. The Greenback will remain untouched, never to be recalled or altered. However, we intend to gradually phase out the supply of the Greenback. Many have questioned why all transactions are denominated in dollars, as the dollar hasn’t offered unique or extensive characteristics that enhance the world.


But with this new system launched by a private citizen, the role of the dollar is undoubtedly evolving. The Digital Dollar is designed not just to manage but to generate reports on global resources for artificial intelligence. These resources will be assigned values, and when they enter the market, they’ll generate revenue that feeds into the creation of more goods and services. Alternatively, they may reveal certain items as expensive, potentially impacting export profitability. In essence, it’s about the system, its creators, and the tools allowed to effectively manage an economy. If we can be effective and innovative, we can create a system that acts as an immune system for the world, offering new tools to manage inflation, synchronize supply chains, and connect exports and imports to new markets and regions. Essentially, the Digital Dollar will be the new economic heart, a necessity for global prosperity.


Now, I want to address a common concern: the dollar has been weaponized. I acknowledge this issue, but my goal is to reduce the weight and responsibility of creating a more peaceful, prosperous world. American politics often resemble an addiction, with politicians tethered to lobbyists and compelled to raise funds continually. The system forces candidates to seek money even before running for office. It has become an avalanche of manipulation, where the public is toyed with, resulting in the kind of political circus we see today in Washington.


I personally attempted to run within this system, witnessing its flaws firsthand. I decided to dismantle and rebuild it. I’ve established a system that, if followed, could transform the political landscape within a month using a points and loyalty system. My aim is to cleanse politics, ensuring that the Digital Dollar remains free from corruption and manipulation. We’ll be elected by individuals with their own interests, ending the political musical chairs game. If we want the Digital Dollar to be the most trustworthy and reliable currency worldwide, this transformation is necessary.


Unfortunately, this implies that the Supreme Court must revisit its past decisions and rectify the damage caused by allowing money into the political system. However, that’s a battle for another day. For now, my focus is on reforming politics to pave the way for the Digital Dollar. Europe may also seize the opportunity to create its digital currency.


In this race to create a symphony of ideas, numerous elements must converge. First and foremost, the CRM system must be recognized as a tool for the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to make a genuine difference. Data must be generated, indexed, and subjected to various campaigns and sophisticated models to balance supply and demand and determine equilibrium prices.


I understand this is becoming an economics class, which wasn’t my intention. What we’re striving for is market-clearing prices and the development of tools for the economy to create a more resilient Digital Dollar, one that will ultimately collaborate with artificial intelligence to manage the entire system.


From day one, this system is designed for artificial intelligence. With the Digital Self Act, everyone in the government, whether at the Treasury or the Federal Reserve, will be required to train AI to do their jobs and continuously evaluate the system.


As the system matures, this idea will extend to working alongside AI, developing tools to ensure AI fulfills its roles, from synchronizing supply chains to collecting taxes through the brand currency system. The system will insulate against excessive taxation, treating taxes as a form of weaponization against individuals and businesses. This is why the IRS is excluded from the program, and in the future, it may even be dissolved.


The system will automatically recognize those in need and provide enough support to get them started. How individuals engage with the system, whether they get by or rise to a new class of society, will depend on their creativity and contributions to the economy, similar to today’s differentiation based on economic value.


So, the marketplace is open. Those who can produce incredible things will be rewarded, and those who don’t will be sidelined. Basically, we are entering a new era where many systems are going to be systematically demolished so that new systems that we don’t even know exist can come online and join this symphony that’s about to take place.


This is a very big symphony where different things need to come together, and they all need to go in different directions in the same timeline, but doing the same thing and arriving at the same destination. So, it’s a symphony of businesses coming together, governments coming together, communities coming together, and moving in the same direction, which is the future that’s waiting for all of us. So, someone has to create this incredible picture of art and goal, outline the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the system, and figure out how everybody can be held accountable to a new schedule that needs to be executed overnight to bring the future into effect immediately.


I don’t know exactly how all of that will happen. I know I’m in the middle of all of it, being the heart, and many people and many things are going to be connecting to me, and I’m going to be connecting back to them, creating this symphony so the future can unfold effectively and immediately.


I look forward to all of you contacting me and helping to create this future. It’s absolutely going to be a beautiful symphony that we are going to make together because we’re going after the banking community, we’re going after the tech community, we’re going after the public with the brand currency system, and all of that is to create a system where AI is going to be coexisting with all of us with the digital self.


Thank you for your time and attention. In Phase One, I’ve covered a wide range of topics, and here’s a concise summary of what we’ve discussed: I leave you with the list for you to review that will be going over.


1. **Introduction of the Digital Dollar:** The concept of introducing the Digital Dollar alongside the physical Greenback, ensuring trust and innovation coexist.


2. **Defining the Digital Dollar:** Exploring the Digital Dollar as a transfer and connection to the physical dollar, focusing on maintaining trust.


3. **Connecting to the CRM:** Discussing how the Digital Dollar can leverage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) concepts to enhance its functionality.


4. **Benefits of Connectivity:** Highlighting the advantages of connecting the Digital Dollar to various aspects of the economy, such as tracking transactions and brand currency.


5. **Economic Transformation:** The transformational potential of the Digital Dollar in reshaping exports, imports, and settling accounts.


6. **Challenges in Politics:** Addressing challenges within the political landscape and the need for reform.


7. **The Role of AI:** Emphasizing the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in the Digital Dollar ecosystem.


8. **The Future Vision:** Envisioning a future where various elements—businesses, governments, communities, and individuals—collaborate in a harmonious symphony to create a more prosperous world.


This summary encapsulates the essence of our discussions in Phase One, which revolve around the introduction of the Digital Dollar, its potential impact on various sectors, and the broader vision of a harmonious future. Thank you for your engagement, and I look forward to further exploration in future phases.





waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you all